We’re all in this together: How Creative Garden is sharing kindness in our community

There’s hardly a person in Australia who isn’t doing it tough right now as we chart a course through the COVID-19 crisis. As we observe social distancing rules to slow the spread of the virus, social connection is more important than ever, along with offering a helping hand wherever we see a need.

Within our Creative Garden extended family, we’ve seen some incredible acts of kindness and generosity from families, staff and children. And we’ve also witnessed instances where there is a great and real need for support.

Creative Garden Pakenham 

At our Pakenham centre in south-east Melbourne, our staff delivered a bundle of food and essentials like nappies and wipes to a mum who is single and at home with her three autistic children who have had to self-isolate as they have compromised immune systems.

Until now, her gorgeous three-year-old twins and two-year-old daughter have attended the centre four days a week and on their day at home have received occupational and speech therapy. Those therapies have now also had to end to keep the children safe from the risk of infection.

With no family support, our Pakenham staff are doing everything they can to provide help for this incredible mum who would do anything for her children.

Creative Garden Kellyville Ridge 

There has been a lot of giving going on right around the country. In Sydney, Kellyville Ridge staff have sent weary parents home with a gift of food that the centre was unable to use while the community pantry at Holroyd is doing a roaring free trade. Families have been dropping off pantry items they don’t need which has been welcomed by those who do.

Our educators have also been hard at work making sure that children self-isolating at home don’t feel left out.

Creative Garden Coombabah 

The Coombabah early learning centre has started weekly Zoom and live Facebook sessions which might include story time, a craft activity and just a chat with children at home. It’s a great way to keep learning on track and maintain those important social connections.

Kellyville Ridge is also setting up Zoom phone calls and video chats for children at home.

And amidst all the talk of infection, businesses closing and what life looks like on the other side of this pandemic, we can look to our children for an answer.

Creative Garden Tullamarine 

The #rainbowtrail that has captured the imagination of so many of the children in our centres, including at Creative Garden’s Berwick and Tullamarine, carries a simple promise of hope. There may not be a pot of gold at the end but on this journey we’re discovering little nuggets of gold in the care and generosity we extend to others.

We’re all in this together, so let’s follow the rainbow.

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What are you doing to spread kindness and show others that you are thinking of them at this time? We’d love to hear your stories.


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