Creative Garden

In the Garden at Creative Garden Arundel

Today was another class with Miss George our Garden lady at Creative Garden Arundel. She began the class by getting the children to open their minds up and use their imaginations to see themselves in the Ocean. The Ocean is the focus of this term and we will be learning about it every fortnight for the next few weeks. The children pretended to put on their snorkelling gear and head out into the sea, swimming by sea cows (Dugongs) eating sea grass and seaweed, out into the reef where all the little fish and coral are. Miss George said she spotted a Manta ray! She asked the children if they could see the fish and the anemone and if there were any Nemo or Dory fish about.

 2Miss George explained why she made us think of the ocean and all the creatures that live in it. She wants us to be aware of how our rubbish can affect animals and the environment. Miss George demonstrated how a single plastic bag can be so detrimental to the livelihood of turtles. Turtle’s favourite food is… “Jellyfish!” Jethro shouted. And he was correct J In the water plastic bags look a lot like jellyfish and turtles think they’re in for a treat but instead ingest them and their health starts deteriorating. The trapped air in the bags make the turtles float up to the top and this means they can’t get to the bottom to eat or be around their family.

Our focus will be on Turtles, Tasmanian Devils and Koalas as these 3 animals are all on our Endangered Species list. This means that there is only a limited amount of them and our impact on the environment as humans has contributed to this problem.

8Back to the gardening aspect! Miss George showed us all the lovely flowers we will be planting and said that once they’re fully grown they will look like a reef! How cool! The children were very excited and jumped up to start their work.

Everyone was able to plant a flower and then ‘tuck’ the plants in to grow. This means the children moved the soil to cover the roots of the plant and “We have to make sure the leaves can see the what?” Miss George asked. “The Sun!” the children answered her.     

We’ve had a cheeky possum come through and eat the tops off some of our plants- not good! But not to worry, our potato people from the beginning of our classes were sprouted and ready to be planted.

3The children all grabbed a potato or two and buried them deep in the soil. Once that was done we covered them back up and put the mulch back over the top to keep them protected.

Our lettuces were ready to be taste-tested! Yum yum!

Now it was time to water the garden! Miss George demonstrated how to water correctly and make sure no ‘swimming pools’ happened. We had to pretend to be elephant’s trunks and spread the water around evenly.

Principle 5 ongoing learning

Practice 4 intentional teaching

Learning Outcomes
4 children are confident and involved learners
5.1 children communicate verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes.