Creative Garden

Learning to Recycle at Mount Annan

On Monday 6th July Mount Annan Creative Garden had Denise, representative from the waste management department of Camden council, come to visit the kookaburra’s room to teach us the importance of recycling. Denise walked in with 3 mini Otto bins, like what we have at home. She explained to us that the red bin is for every day rubbish, the yellow bin is for recyclables and the green bin is for garden waste such as leaves, grass, twigs, etc.

We also learnt three very important words – reduce, reuse and recycle. When we go shopping we should take our own bags instead of using plastic ones we get from the supermarket. Denise told us that plastic shopping bags are very bad for the environment because they are not recyclable and a lot of the time they get blown away outside and get wrapped around poor little animals. If we buy bottles of drink we should keep the bottles and refill them so they don’t go in the bin. And if we have plastic or paper products we should recycle them by utilising them for craft experiences, or making cubby houses out of large boxes, and keeping jars and bottles for storage containers.

recycling-mount-annan5Once Denise’s interactive presentation was complete we all lined up nicely and went outside to meet Matt the driver of the big recycle truck. Matt’s job is to drive around to different suburbs and empty out the yellow bin. Remember the yellow bin has paper, cardboard, and plastic items in it. Matt demonstrated how his truck works when he collects the recycled materials. There’s a large claw-like arm that comes out from the truck and lifts the bin up and into the waste chute so the items can be deposited into the truck. Some of the kookaburras thought that was so cool because the arm reminded them of a robot/transformer.

A big thank you to Denise and Matt from Camden council. We had such a great time learning all about rubbish and recycling!