How to celebrate Chinese New Year at home or in centre

At our centres, we’re all about honouring cultural diversity amongst our children and families.

Not only does this enable us to understand, learn and appreciate different cultures around us, but it also allows us to join in on the fun! The celebrations may vary on a centre-by-centre basis, based off the interests and cultural backgrounds of our children and families.

With that in mind, we love celebrating the big cultural events that take place in the year – such as Lunar New Year, Eid, Diwali and so on.

This year, Lunar New Year takes place on Friday, the 12th of February. To help us commemorate the occasion, we reached out to some of our wonderful Chinese Educators to share with us the best ways in which we can respectfully get involved.

Check out some of their top tips below for celebrating at home or in centre!

Ever wondered why it’s called Lunar New Year? Or what is traditionally done on the occasion?

Our friendly Educators have also put together some fact facts to share with your family or little ones!

We hope you enjoy your Chinese New Year celebrations!