Creative Garden

Coombabah’s Fishing Rod Activity

Recently the children at Creative Garden Coombabah have been interested in making fishing rods. They have been asking the teachers to tie thread to connector sticks and twigs and tying blocks onto the thread and pretending they’re fish.

QKLG 4.3.3 ~ Ways to creatively represent ideas, feelings and experiences.


To extend on this interest, today we brought a blue mat into the class room from the yard. When it was suggested to the children that the mat could be water they were very interested. The children were asked what was needed for the water.

Fish was a big factor so we used coloured paper to draw fish and then cut out the shapes. Once fishing rods were made, we then added the sea animals from our nature area to the water. One child decided we needed shells and collected the shells from the science area to add to our water.

QKLG 2.3.3 ~ Ways to investigate and understand natural environments.