Apricot Bliss Balls

 A delcious sweet snack to give you a burst of energy.


Makes 20 balls

2 ripe bananas

1 cup sultanas

1 cup dried apricots, diced

1 cup puffed rice

1 cup quick cooking oats

1 cup desiccated coconut


  1. In a bowl, mash peeled bananas.
  2. Add sultanas and dried apricots and mix to combine.
  3. Add puffed rice and the oats to the mixture.
  4. Mix together. You should end up with a moist, dough-like mixture. Allow to stand for five minutes.
  5. Shape into balls with your hands. Roll each formed ball into coconut to coat.
  6. Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to 3 days.


Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Good nutrition is essential for the health and wellbeing of young children. We are proud to partner with NAQ Nutrition, the Qld Division of Nutrition Australia, by producing recipes that are healthy, delicious and aligned with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

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