Creative Garden

Scarecrow making at Creative Garden Arundel

Introducing… Sally & Sam Scarecrow!


Today was a ‘Kids in the Garden’ day with Miss George. On our agenda today was creating scarecrows and checking up on our worms.

Miss George was happy to hear that we’d been out on Tuesday to care for our garden.

We started off by donating some of our spare clothes to the cause then Miss George used twine to tie up the ends so no hay would fall out. The girls were given gloves and a pile of hay on a mat. They followed Miss George’s instructions to fill them up, but had to concentrate very hard on ensuring the hay went into the finger sections. This proved quite tricky so Miss Mel thought she’d lend a hand (pun intended) J

On the other mat were the boys with the big bag of hay. Their job was to put handfuls of hay in the clothes and to ensure they were completely full.

Once we had finished filling up the clothes and gloves all the way Senior Kindy were asked to sit back down together and try to name our scarecrows. Miss George offered some ‘S’ names to the children to mull over.

The final results were SALLY and SAM.

Sally is hung up on our veranda for all to see. She will be a daily reminder to the children of the garden and caring for our environment. She will hopefully keep the birds away too! (They like to try to fly into our windows at rest time- lol!)
Sam is hanging up in our garden to protect our flowers and veges.

Jethro was very insistent that they needed faces. Miss George said that we could draw faces on some paper and laminate them for the scarecrows. Each day Miss Mel or Miss Helene will choose a Scarecrow Star, someone who has been making great choices all day, to put their face on Sally. J What a great idea!


We came back out to the yard to have a look at our worms. The children seemed very surprised to see just how big they’d gotten.

The watermelon we’d fed them on Tuesday was almost all gone! What hungry little worms we have J

A lot more friends were willing to hold worms this time which was great to see! However a few cheeky worms kept trying to slither away making it a bit tricky for the children to keep track of them.

Miss George grabbed out the bags of leftovers and scraps that Miss Saadiah has been collecting for us and emptied them in the worm farm.

The children were encouraged to move it around to even it out. There was so much food for them! Miss George told us that very soon the worms will start making their way down to the next level of the worm farm and this is an important part of the Worm Farming process. This is when we will start to get our Worm Juice! Worm juice is a brilliant fertiliser for our gardens so this is very exciting to see how it will affect the growth of our plants.

Miss George covered the worms back up again with their soggy cardboard and looked around the yard. Oh golly gosh what a mess we had made! Lucky Miss George reminded us of what wonderful rakes our hands can be. At the end of the class Miss George role-modelled how to scrape up the remaining hay on the floor and put it back in the bag for another time.

Then it was time for a story- It was a hilarious one about silly tomatoes! The children were captivated and laughed at the funny parts. The tomatoes grew so fast they sprung off the tree and fell on people- SPLASH!


PRINCIPLE 5 ongoing learning

PRACTICE 4 intentional teaching

LEARNING OUTCOMES 1.4, 2, 2.3, 2.4, 4, 5.