Creative Garden Bendigo – NAIDOC Children’s Day Excursion

Thanks to the Bendigo and District Aboriginal Co-operative (BDAC), we were provided with the opportunity to attend the NAIDOC Children’s Day. This event was held at Golden Square Primary School, and was our kinder children’s first excursion for the year.

Leading up to the excursion, we spoke with the children about what they could expect and most importantly, about vital safety aspects.

On the day of the excursion, the Kinder Room was filled with wonder and excitement. As we prepared for this outing, the children conversed with each other about the big bus that they would be riding in.

When the time arrived, the children got dressed up in their hi-vis vests and assembled into their groups with their designated educator. Holding hands, we departed the centre and boarded the bus. Once aboard, the children sat up in their seats, buckled up and listened intently for their names to be called. 

As we travelled to our destination, the children chatted amongst themselves while taking  in the sites of our wonderful community. Upon our arrival, we exited the bus. After agreeing on a meeting point and time, we dispersed and the fun began.

With so many activities to choose from, the children were in a quandary. But, we assured them that they had plenty of time to have a go at everything the Children’s Day had to offer. They were able to get involved in a wide variety of activities, including face painting, craft and cultural activities.

In keeping with the spirit of NAIDOC week, we even got to get up close and personal personal with selected wildlife, including a dingo.                                                 
The children explored the different play areas, using their physical skills to run, climb and jump. They raced each other on the schools running track, played basketball, and curiously inspected the army and fire vehicles that were present.

When our time was up, we all had a bite to eat and drink of water, before boarding the bus back to the centre.

At the centre, the children sat quietly and looked through the beautiful story books that were given to us. Overall, it was a very successful day. We were so lucky to be a part of this, and  look forward to attending it again.


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